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For all Emergencies dial 911 on your telephone.

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Fresno County Contacts


To reach your supervisor on the County Board of Supervisors:

Andreas Borgeas

To reach the Fire Station:

Address: Fig Garden Fire Station
                4537 N. Wishon

Phone: 559-621-4320 (non-emergency)
          559-621-4403 (conference room reservation)

For emergencies call 911


To reach the Fire Protection District Board of Directors:

Email: dr164@fresno.com


To contact the Sheriff's Department:

Phone: 559-600-3111

For emergencies call 911


To contact the Graffiti Hotline:

Phone: 559-600-8107


For questions about the beautification ordinances (Neighborhood Beautification Overlay District NBOD) or to get a complaint form:

Code Enforcement, Planning and Resource Analyst Development Services Division Fresno County Planning and Resource Department

Phone: 262-4078

Web: http://www.fresno.ca.us


For questions about setback requirements on your street – for fences or new construction or variance instructions:

Zoning Division Fresno County Planning and Resource Department:

Phone: 262-4085


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Other Contacts


To report traffic problems:

California Highway Patrol:

Phone: 441-5400 or

For emergencies, call 911


To report graffiti and get it removed:

Fresno County Dept. of Public Works

Phone: 262-4078


For questions related to the Herndon Canal (the big one) or the Enterprise-Holland canal (the small one that runs southeast, west of Palm):

Fresno Irrigation District (FID):

Phone: 233-7165 (emergencies - water season only)


For questions regarding street flooding or street drains:

The Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District (FMFCD):

Phone: 456-3292


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